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Why Choose Us?

We realize you have a choice in home inspectors. We also know you may be able to find a company who will inspect your home for less than we charge. But is that really the best choice?

How do you understand and assess real value for your home inspection dollars?

Our goal is quality.

Experience, extra training, specialized equipment, thorough reports—these come at a cost. We pride ourselves on offering our superior service at a very reasonable rate!  The best real value for your home inspection dollars is our mission.

Consider this…

Our knowledgeable, highly trained inspectors care about your family’s safety and the huge investment you are making. Though we have performed tens of thousands of inspections, we never lose sight of how unique this experience is for you.  Most real concerns are not out in the open, staring you in the face.  Finding these issues can take real work and extra effort.  And once located, the inspector must possess the experience and training to comprehend the condition, then transfer that comprehension to you the home buyer.  Compare this actual report of ours, with a competitor’s report on the same house.

Note the difference in descriptions: Our inspector not only noted problems, but explained why they matter. The other report simply quoted TREC regulations, with little explanation concerning deficiencies. There were also some important items entirely missing from that report. In the case of this home, the less detailed report could cost the home buyer thousands of dollars. It would seem that our slightly more expensive home inspection is the better value.

(Our intent is not to disparage other inspectors who may have less experience or fewer resources. We only wish to offer an example of the high level of expertise we provide.)

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If you’re buying a home in the greater Houston area, you deserve the best impartial home inspection available. Bill Harvey Inspection Services, formerly AllPro, has helped thousands of local homeowners make informed decisions. Join the ranks of satisfied clients by calling 281-477-7875 or sending a quick email.

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